Kenna family - Terang, WestVic Dairy Region

Kenna family


Ben and Anna Kenna purchased their farm from Anna’s parents in 2016 after share farming the property for 13 years. Their farm near Terang in south west Victoria has well established infrastructure and pastures to conduct their autumn calving herd.

The farm has high financial commitments and considerable pressure to service debt. Herd fertility has been an issue for the farm, and together with Cow Manager Software and DNA testing of calves the Kenna’s hope to be able to improve the fertility and reproductive performance of the farm.

The key challenges the Kennas are addressing as Focus Farmers include:

1. Improving herd fertility and reproduction performance using technology and DNA testing of calves
2. Improving business cost efficiency
3. Developing standard operating procedures and stabilising the workforce
4. Improving pasture quality and utilisation

 Farm details

 Milking area  288 ha
 Dairy  60 unit rotary with feed pad
 Cows milked  534 cows
 Annual stocking rate (cows/milking ha)  2.1
 Milk Production (Kg Milk Solids)  313,573 kg MS (587 kg MS/Cow)
 Homegrown feed (t/DM/total Area ha)  8.8
 Homegrown feed in diet%  52%
 Cows/labour unit FTE  153
 Total Farm Gross Income ($/kg MS)  $6.61
 Cost of Production ($/kg MS)  $3.67
 Earnings before interest and Tax (EBIT) ($/kg MS)  $2.63

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