Ziero and Ronalds – Jindivick, GippsDairy Region

Steve Ronalds and Brenton Ziero


Farm owner Steve Ronalds and share-farmer Brenton Ziero wanted to become Focus Farmers to improve labour structures, produce bigger heifers and utilise more pasture.

The share-farming arrangement, in which Brenton receives a 37 percent split and provides machinery, 80 cows and almost all of the labour, will also be a major part of the Focus Farm, with both parties working together to achieve their individual goals.

Brenton is working towards farm ownership and building his cow numbers, while Steve is aiming to reduce debt through management decisions that improve profitability.

Both men have a better work/life balance as another key goal.

Specific challenges the Ziero and Ronalds are addressing as Focus Farmers include:

1. Brenton wants to work towards farm ownership/grow larger heifers, grow and utilise more grass, and own all the cows.
2. Steve is aiming to finish some capital works including a feedpad and reduce debt. Through sound/smart management decisions that focus on increasing profitability.
3. Brenton wants to keep moving towards his ultimate aim of farm ownership
4. Spending more time with their families is a key goal for both Steve and Brenton.

 Farm details

 Milking area  165 ha
 Dairy  20 double-up rapid exit
 Herd numbers  455 Jersey milkers
 Annual stocking rate (cows/milking ha)  2.1
 Milk Production (Kg Milk Solids)  191,885
 Homegrown feed (t/DM/total Area ha)  7.2
 Homegrown feed in diet  65%
 Cows/labour unit FTE  136

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