Cope family - Fish Creek, GippsDairy Region

Cope family


Graeme and Jenny Cope bought a 408 hectare cattle property in 2008, investing heavily to turn it into a dairy farm. This year they are milking around 730 mostly Friesian cows.

Apart from the home farm at Kerrs Road, the Cope’s also have another 170 hectares spread over three turnout blocks.

The Copes, who have son Shaun working with them, have entered the Focus Farm project with their use of Petriks, succession planning and improved volume in the vat as some of the main discussion areas.

Specific challenges the Copes are addressing as Focus Farmers include:

1. Petrik Soil Technology biological products in the farm system: how do we understand it, assess it and communicate that information to people who want to know more or who have judged it as being too alternative.
2. Creating a succession pathway for Shaun to increase skill development and responsibility in the business and develop a succession pathway.
3. Improving financial record keeping to allow for closer monitoring of cash flow.

 Farm details

 Milking area  408 ha
 Herd numbers  730 mostly Friesians
 Annual stocking rate (cows/milking ha)  2.0
 Milk Production (Kg Milk Solids)  384,338
 Homegrown feed (t/DM/total Area ha)  6.7
 Homegrown feed in diet  45%
 Cows/labour unit FTE  100

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