Pethybridge family - Whorouly, Murray Dairy Region

Pethybridge family


John and Elise Pethybridge have just completed a farm succession involving John’s mother and siblings. The main objective for the farm business is to focus on reducing costs, growing as much home grown feed as possible, improving work life balance and sharpening their business skills.

Specific challenges the Pethybridge’s are addressing as Focus Farmers include:

1. Developing good business management practices
2. Improving operational profit
3. Paying down debt and consolidate the business
4. Improving growth rates of heifers to support their genetic potential
5. Focusing on work life balance

 Farm details

 Total Area  305Ha
 Milking area  155 ha
 Dairy  14 aside double up
 Herd numbers  230 cows
 Annual stocking rate (cows/milking ha)  1.48
 Milk Production (Kg Milk Solids)  125,971
 Water Entitlement  25Ml High reliability       
220 Meg Dam
 Homegrown feed (t/DM/total Area ha)  5.05
 Homegrown feed in diet  84%
 Cows/labour unit FTE  115

For more information about this Focus Farm go to Murray Dairy.